Previously Known As The Rumbling Bald Homeowners Association...

As of June, 2018, we updated our name and re-energized our mission to provide our members with better communications, and an enjoyable and convenient membership experience. As anon-profit organization, we are focused on creating fun events open to all members. We invite you to sign up for an annual membership, and take part in the community camaraderie, friendship and fun throughout the year for only $35 per household!

Our Mission Statement

The Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group is open to all households in the Lake Lure, Hickory Nut Gorge area. The Group plans and hosts six to seven events a year offering great food, entertainment and fun at an outstanding value to the members. Communications are via this website with comprehensive information, a Facebook page, and notifications via e mail (opt in please!) for all members! A yearly directory is published full of local information and current contact information

Become A Member!

Who we are!

The Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group is a social apolitical organization focused on fun and friendship for our members! The Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group is managed by a Board of Directors and a planning committee. Any resident can serve on the Board and committee simply by contacting any or our Board members. Board positions are filled as members of the Board cycle off the Board. Generally volunteers are asked to attend six or seven meetings a year and attend, participate and help where needed at our events.

Renew Your Membership

THANK YOU for your continued support and participation - we value having you as a member! We try to make renewing as simple as possible, simply CLICK HERE to renew your membership!

Cost to Join

The annual cost per household is $35! The cost has only increased $5 over the last 15 years! Annual fees to join or renew can be paid as explained hereafter on this page.

Membership Has Its Privileges!

Our Directory

Member households receive an annual directory, providing detailed contact information (including the address and telephone number of an optional secondary address, eMail addresses, and cell phone numbers for up to two household members) for all Rumbling Bald Friendship Fun Group members. In addition, the Directory includes essential information such as phone numbers for key local businesses, emergency contacts, as well as the area's Disaster Evacuation Plan, Shelter Locations, and Flash Flood Information. We also provide helpful and informative communications via website, Facebook, and private email notices. Anyone in the Rumbling Bald/Lake Lure area is eligible for membership and may register by completing a form and paying online, requesting an application from a Board Member, or when making a reservation for an event. Join us, have fun and meet your neighbors!

Other Info Needed

New members must submit an application available through this link. Please double check all info prior to submitting via this forwarding link.
Existing members need only to use the member change info form for any information that has changed subsequent to the information published in our directory last year. The form is available through this link.

Membership Info

Any information or questions can be referred to Randy Snyder. Please complete the form on our Contact page and we will get back to you!

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