Moving Forward With A New Look!
August 28, 2018
We Need A Few Good People!
October 26, 2018

You Can Be A Member!



We have changed! Please take a minute to read and hopefully react by joining our Fun and Friendship Group!

  • We are no longer the Home Owner’s Association!
  • The name change was needed as the HOA title does not define our activities or objective!
  • The group is apolitical!
  • We will strive to have our events in varied local venues as we always negotiate the best value for our members!
  • Our new website, org and our email updates and yearly directive keep our members abreast of happenings with our group via constant updates.

The founders, boards and officers over the years continued the exclusive membership for Rumbling Bald Property Owners as events for the most part, until recently, were held exclusively in resort venues.  The resort management has changed pricing policies and other restrictions that made it increasingly difficult to keep events solely at the resort and offer our members the “great value” clause within the context of our mission statement!

Accordingly we are pleased to announce expanding our membership to households interested with this special offer! First and foremost, take a few minutes and check out our all inclusive and informative new website at rumblingbaldfriends.org. If you pass, can see or have seen Rumbling Bald Mountain, you are eligible to join!

Household membership features the following:

  • Six or seven themed events per year offering great food, fun, entertainment, games and more at member prices!
  • A yearly directory with member information, local information, utility, dining, shopping etc. info
  • Notices and info sent out via our exclusive mail info, mail chimp
  • A facebook page with extended information and offering the ability for member comments
  • A resource page on our website (imder consideration) that gives members the ability to post info and marketing ability serving their individual needs
  • Most events, other than our Christmas gala, are $25 to $30 all inclusive!

A special offer for membership is available via this notice!

  • Join by Oct. 31st and membership will include member pricing for our Christmas Gala and our February event! (our fiscal year runs through Feb.)
  • Full year 2019 membership with all the member features listed previously!
  • The $35 cost is normally the cost for one year, but is the price offered now to include two 2018 events!

Joining is via two different options:

  • Access the website, member info section
  • Print the application and the membership information page, fill out both in their entirety
  • Make out a check to RBFFG in the amount of $35.
  • Place both in an envelope and send to Mrs. Diane Barrett, VP Treasurer, 297 Bee Tree Point, Lake Lure, NC 28746


  • Access the RBFFG website
  • Fill out the membership application and press submit
  • Fill out the member info page in entirety and submit (needed for our annual directory)
  • Pay via paypal on the website ($35!)

This offer of value pricing to our Christmas Gala, Feb. party and 2019 full year membership @ $35 expires on Oct. 31st! Get in touch with questions by emailing VP of Communications, Dick McCallum @ rmccallum@att.net or me @ rsnyder921@yahoo.com, We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you at our Christmas Gala if not before!